Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Skate 3 (Go Home! You're Drunk)

  If you want a real "quality" game you all should look into "Skate 3".. Or not!

  I've been hearing about this game for a long time being the "glitchiest" game EVER! So thought I would do some studying in my own time XD.

  In "Skate 3" you are playing as a returning skater who wants to set up a new skate team (Ya know.. If you could actually skate yourself first!). Really I feel no need to discuss the entire story line to this video game because the first sentence to this paragraph is pretty much the whole game.

  Before you begin your game play this video game seems to have a lot of promise! With the story line and the new things added on to the old.. it doesn't seem half bad. Though, as you begin to play the game itself the rumor of this game being almost "over glitched" is close to true.

  We all know we like the realistic RP games from EA. We don't want to see characters falling through other characters or falling through foreign objects! But, we have no choice to accept it now! For this game is loaded with all of those glitches plus some.

  Skate 3 may be the only Skate game I have played where you can be just walking and fall to your face like you've been kicked in the d*ck by a damned dinosaur out of random.

  The graphics are decent, though! The cars seem to be more realistic looking, and some of the people have their realistic traits as well. The landscaping job in this video game is also quite superb compared to some other games out.

  In the game you have tasks (just like the other Skate games). But, I feel this time the tasks are much easier than before.

  For example: You could be doing a task that says "Land On A Vehicle" and as long as you hit the top of the vehicle before you fall off YOU PASS!

  I feel that the tasks are no brainers and should be a bit more difficult for the players! Stimulate our minds! We want to feel like boss'.. Not like we just pulled out our younger sibling's leap frog.

  This is how I feel about the game itself! If you feel differently you are welcome to your own opinion (this is a free country).. And, you all are still my awesome Deidropians!

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  Love you, guys <3
    Talk soon!

Grand Theft Auto V (online): "Man Rage"

  Afternoon, Deidropians ;D

  How's it goin' girl? boy? person...? dog..
  Alrighty, you gorgeous unicorns! I know you've all played GTA V online at some point in your lives... Unless you have no life.. Which would make this totally awkward.... hmmm


  I've recently found this photo upon Google that has described the rage I feel during the online sessions. (By the way, guys. Online means you are playing with other people all over the world.)

  "Angry Man Rage" we all know it! Gamers and Gamettes! We all know the feeling and what it looks like!

  Fellas! Have you ever seen your pretty female friend sitting quietly and all of the sudden throw the controller and stand in front of the television like an angry cave man? There ya go! She's not just ranting and raving like a 3 year old for the joy C: .

  Ladies! Have you ever seen your man friend just start to shake out of the blue, turn purple (or red), and make a noise that sounds like a bunch of f's scrunched together? XD

  Angry Man Rage is the feeling that you get on GTA online when you just rob a bank for $5000 walk out of the bank and get shot! Yes.. I've been there. Or when you thought you activated "Passive" mode and you still get killed.. When the same exact person online kills you 30 f*cking million times in the matter of... 10 minutes.

  If you've looked like an angry ape going after another monkey for your bananas.. Than you probably had the "Angry Man Rage". I'm happy for you, bros!

  Anyways, I'm feeling curious! I wonder how many Deidropians will participate!

  Take a photo of you playing GTA  V online and send it to dapso95@gmail.com with the subject name "apples and cheese"!

  I'd love to see you precious bronies having a good time online!

  Your's Truly!! ;D

A "Flappy" Relationship!

  Welcome to my blog spot, guys! I hope you are all having a fantabulous day! (fantabulous: when the feels are so great that it is both "Fantastic" and "Fabulous" combined)

  Don't judge that AWESOME English guys! You know you like it ;).

  I got on to discuss the world famous IPhone app.... "Flappy Bird"

  Has anyone else besides me played this game that is reading right now? If so (which I'm sure many have) you are well aware that the rage while playing this game is real. C'mon of course they were going to make an app just to torture our feelings at some point!

  My boyfriend has this app on his tablet (which is how I came across this game) and we were laying together being bored out of our minds of course.. While we were sweeping from screen to screen to find something to play we finally decided to play this game!

  I believe when we started to play it was the first time for us both... Or he had a score of 18 or so. Either way neither of us were really that into it.

  But, of course! I have this competitive streak in me, and just because I couldn't even score a 1 for an hour straight... I didn't let it stop me! I had to beat him in this high score!

  After a while I scored... I believe it was a 21? (Yeah, I know! It isn't that high up.. But, I was so proud). It started this constant competition in-between us both to break each others high scores.

  Recently (Last night) he decided to break my high score of a 64 with a 67.. GAH! The rage just getting to 64 was very.. very real! I can only imagine me trying to get to a 70 or so just to beat his score!

  We'll beat him, Deidropians! I mean, c'mon ;)...

  When do we not beat him?

  But, yeah! With all of this said.. I hope you are all having lovely gamer mornings and I hope the system is nice and cool for you since you got up .. Or scolding hot from you being up all night <3.

  I love you, guys!
    See ya soon!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome, Deidropians ;) (gamers and princess'/prince's alike)

  Hello, lovely bunch of gaming baboons!
  I apologize in advance for the name screw up on the page! As you may notice that is says "Deidre Cooper" as of right now! Disregard this fact, for I am now broken up with my ex (which is where this last name has come from)!
  This is a new blog set up just for the gamers and their lovely princess' and/or prince's! Gamer love is beautiful! Is it not?
  I am surely hoping that you find many reasons to enjoy this blog and keep up with me! Tell your gamer friends or your *nudge nudge* lovers about me! I will certainly enjoy the attention to this new page, guys!
  I do have a twitter now! If you would like to follow me at https://twitter.com/BlueEyedOdyssey you can most certainly do so! That is brand new as well (just to tell you in advance). Keep in touch, smoosh faces! *BRO FIST* (PewDiePie reference)